LandCruiser 80 Series Snorkel Kits Slashed

For a limited time only, our Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series Snorkel Kits are cut to $200.

These kits will save you that in fuel alone within a very short time, many customers are getting over 10% better fuel economy and noticeable power improvements.



What would you do if you had the desire to build a comp truck but didn’t necessarily have all the skills, tools and parts required? If you’re anything like Newcastle civil engineer Anthony Neill, you throw on a BBQ, invite your mates around, and point them to the sad-looking relic sitting in the driveway!

Having bought the 40 as a $300 rusted heap sitting neglected in the bottom paddock of a farm, Anthony, or Twon as he’s known, even managed to sell about $200 worth of parts off the thing that he didn’t need.


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From the Simpson Desert and Canning Stock Route, the uncompromising Victorian High Country or the wilds of Tasmania, Aussie adventurers have proven which vehicles can tackle endless, bone-jarring corrugations and our unforgiving seasons, yet come out on top.


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Article: Discount Rodeo



Holden Rodeos don’t always conjure up images of top-notch off-road tourers, but don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. With drive-trains derived from light truck company Isuzu, it is any wonder that TF Rodeos have got some of the hardiest of hardware in the market. This makes them an ideal foundation for building up a budget tourer. Look under the bonnet and you’ll soon realize that these vehicles have about as much in common with your average Holden, as Osama has with George Double-Ya, they’re Isuzu through and through.

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H1 Hummer Convoy


The formidable H1 Hummer has a reputation for being one of the biggest and boldest 4WDs on the planet. While the mother lode live in America where they practically blend into the background amongst the abundance of big Chevys, Dodges and their likes, in Australia they are still a rare commodity. The presence of a Hummer on the road is unmistakable – so imagine our shock/horror when we heard there were going to be eight of them, together, in the one place!

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